Vision and mission


To ensure that each individual learner receives quality education so that each one may optimally develop their natural talents.


  • Ensure that well qualified and professional educators will be appointed.
  • Maintain the highest possible educational standards with bridging courses or accelerated courses presented by the Management team, Governing body and educators.
  • Ensuring an effective, cost-efficient and educationally accountable school management at all times.
  • Developing the environment and fostering pride in our heritage.
  • Involving the parents in all aspects of school life.
  • Utilizing and developing an enthusiastic and supportive learner body.
  • Maintaining a healthy balance between individual and group rights and building the school image and pride amongst learners.
  • Creating a well balanced cultural and sporting programme.
  • Maintaining acceptable norms and standards but also ensuring religious freedom at all times.
  • Presentation of a well informed life orientation programme and managing it accordingly.
  • Khomanani – Caring for others.
  • Tirisano – Working together.
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