Brebner has a very exciting and busy netball schedule with many keen players. The under 10, 11, 12 and 13 teams will be entered into weekly league matches in the second term. The U/13 team will also take part in the Southern Free State trials.

The players as well as coached attend clinics where they can improve their skills and tactical play. Remember: Netball helps to teach the girls perseverance and cooperation as a team.

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  1. Wow this school is amazing but there are rotten apples in the bag(students) I was looking for my little brother,I’m in highschool by the way and I’ve never been to this school. My brother showed me around and what a beautiful school with it’s clean pool nice courts and hockey courts in the making.I could hear comments about me, which were disrespectful but not a lot just a few. I was uncomfortable because there was this small grade seven boy looking at me weirdly, asked for my name and of he went.Overall good school. Would recommend sending your child there.

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