Headmasters Letter

Dear Brebnerians

18 June 202

I trust that this letter finds you well.

It sometimes seems as if these dark times wants to suffocate our school and our community, but with faith, commitment and support, I am confident that we will see it through and emerge stronger.

It is time for exams and assessment and I therefore include the amended assessment timetable for Grade 4 – 7. Please note that Grade 4 and 5 will write on alternate days. Please ensure that your children study over the following few weeks.

It is essential that we assist our children to utilize their time optimally (study time should not be less than 2 – 3 hours for Grade 4 & 5 and 4 -5 hours per day for Grade 6 & 7 learners). Lying on a bed reading through their work is not studying. Ensure that they sit at a desk with enough light and make notes as they study. Please ask questions regarding the work. Also please note that the school will come out at 13h00 from the 28/06/21.

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