Choir & Music

The junior choir:

In 2011 the choir consisting of about 100 singers, ranging from age 7 to 10 years, captivated audiences with the hit song “If it’s meant to be its up to me” composed  by our conductor Ms. Margie Anderson, songs by Elvis Presley and the very well known gospel show stoppers. In March of this 2011 the choir was invited by the Royal Schools of church music South Africa to attend a choir workshop and the presenters of this workshop included Annemarie vd Waldt, the Bloemfontein International Choral Centre and the very reverent Simon Aiken from the Kimberly Anglican Cathedral.

The senior choir:

Our senior choir boasts an energetic and homogenous choral sound and proves to be a very versatile dynamic group of young singers with the head boy and sports captains joining in to give this choir their unique sound. The choir is under the direction of Ms Margie Anderson.

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