Brebner has a very exciting and busy netball schedule with many keen players. The under 10, 11, 12 and 13 teams will be entered into weekly league matches in the second term. The U/13 team will also take part in the Southern Free State trials.

The players as well as coached attend clinics where they can improve their skills and tactical play. Remember: Netball helps to teach the girls perseverance and cooperation as a team.

Brebner vs Credence:
U/13 A: Won 8-4
U/12 A won 9-1
U/11 A won 14-3

Brebner vs Dr. Viljoen:
U/13: Drew 8-8
U/12: Lost 13-3
U/11: Lost 16-4

Brebner vs Heide:
U/13 A: won 6-5
U/12 A: won 7-4
U/11 A: lost 3-4

Brebner vs Phahamisang:
U/13 A: won 14-3
U/12 A: won 9-1
U/11 A: won 8-2

Brebner vs Joe Solomon:
U/13 A: Brebner won 9-5
U/12 A: Brebner won 13-10
U/11 A: Brebner won 6-1

U/11 A: Brebner lost 11-4 to Dr. Visser
U/13 A: Brebner lost 14-4 to Dr. Visser

League results for 2015:
U/10A: Won 5-1 against St. Michaels
U/11A: Won 5-2 against St. Michaels
U/13A: Drew 5-5 to St. Michaels 



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