Brebner has always been very successful at cultivating great chess players. We have junior and senior chess for those who are interested.

Congrats to the following players who made it into the Free State team:
Wyatt Whyte (U/10B)
Oagester Monyau (U/12B)
Phenyo Mokhobo (U/14B
Gopolang Hohlale (U/14B)
Sethu Mtati (U/14B)
Olwethu Makhubalo (U/14B)
Fumane Mpakane (U/14A)
Marcelle Swiegels (U/14A)

Courteney Page Memorial Chess Tournament (5 games played)
Aogester Monyau won 3.5
Sethu Mtati won 2.5
Phenyo Mokhobo won 2.5
Marcelle Swiegers won 1.5
Neo Monnapula won 1.5
Olwethu Makhubalo won 2.5
Shimiah van Wyk won 2.5
Lesedi Pilane won 3.5
Wyatt Whyte won 4 (placed 2nd)
Gopolang Mohlale won 2
Oratile Mothshabi won 3 (placed 4th)
Kamohelo Mafole won 2.5
Kelebogile Motsemme won 1.5
Fumane Mpakane won 4 (placed 2nd)
Mantai Mpakane won 2

Chess League matches (10 May)
Brebner B vs Willem Postma B: Drew 4-4
Brebner C vs Universitas C: Brebner won 6-2

Brebner B vs Grey B: Brebner lost 2.5 games to 5.5.
Brebner C vs Kootnieman C: Drew 4-4.

Chess League Match - 19 April
Brebner B vs Kruitberg B - Brebner lost 3-5
Brebner C vs Fichardt Park C - Brebner won 6-2

Chess League Match - 12 April
Brebner vs. Jim Fouche: Brebner lost 3-5

Congratulations to the following chess players who are chosen to represent Chess Freestate at the SA's from 3-7 January, 2016 in Capetown:
Lesedi Pilane (U/10A)
Kamohelo Mafole (U/12B)
Ipeleng Pilane (U/14A)
Maletapata Moshoeshoe (U/14A)

Chess Tournament (22 - 23 January, 2016):
5 rounds were played.
Marcelle Swiegers won 2.5
Funame Mpakane won 1.5
Oratile Motshabi won 1
Sethu Mtati won 1
Aogester Monyau won 2
Lesedi Pilane won 2
Gopolang Mohlale won 1.5
Tshepang Moeti won 2


2015 results:

Five rounds were played.

Marcelle Swiegers won 2.5 games
Neo Monnapula won 3
Lesedi Pilane won 1.5
Ipeleng Pilane won 3
Oratile Motshabi won 1
Somila Jacobs won 3.5
Maletapata Moshoeshoe won 3
Fidelis Chiwanza won 2.5
Fumane Mpakane won 2
Aogester Monyau won 3

Tournament (14-15 August, 2015):

Five matches were played.

Marcelle Swiegers won 2.5 games
Neo Monnapula won 1 game
Lesedi Pilane won 2 games
Oratile Motshabi won 2 games
Somila Jacobs won 4 games
Fumane Mpakane won 3 games
Jadan van Wyk won 2 games
Fidelis Chiwanza won 4 games
Maletapata Moshoeshoe won 3 games
Ipeleng Pilane won 4.5 games

Tournament (31 July - 1 Aug, 2015):

Five games were played.

Kamohelo Mafole won 3
Marcelle Swiegers won 3
Somila Jacobs won 4
Neo Monnapula won 3
Oratile Motshabi won 3
Ipeleng Pilane won 3.5
Lesedi Pilane won 3

Tournament (24-25 July, 2015):

Five games were played.

Maletapata Moshoeshoe won 4.5
Ipeleng Pilane won 4
Marcelle Swiegers won 3
Kamohelo Mafole won 4
Oratile Motshabi won 2
Somila Jacobs won 5
Neo Monnapula won 2
Fildelis Chiwanza won 3
Lesedi Pilane won 1

Chess League Results for 2015:

Congratulations to Kamohelo Mafole and Ipeleng Pilane, who have been chosen for the inter-provincial chess teams.

Chess tournament (6-7 February):

Ipeleng Pilane won 4 out of 6 games.

Chess tournament (23-24 January):

Kamohelo Mafole won 2 out of 6 games.




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