Exam Scopes Grade 6


Scope of exam work


Grade 6 – September 2017 Examination


•Ho ngola Puisano

Life Skills

•Caring for Animals p. 68-70
-Acts of cruelty to animals.
-Taking care of and protecting animals.
-Places of safety for animals.
-Work through activities.
-New word.
•Caring for people p. 71-73
-Communication our own views (negative and positive ways)
-Acts of kindness towards other people.
•Nation-Building and our cultural heritage p. 74-77
-Know the definition of nation-building and cultural heritage.
-All National symbols.
-All National days (dates, other names, why it is celebrated etc.)
•Gender Stereotyping, sexism and Abuse p. 78-80
-Know the definition of stereotyping, sexism and abuse. p 78
-The effects of gender stereotyping and sexism on relationship – Thandi’s story
-The effects of gender-based abuse on relationships – Not good enough for dad.
-You must be able to use the information in this unit and answer questions based on a story / scenario.
-Work through the consolidation test p. 80 (very important)
-Work through assessments 1 and 2.

Social Science

The following have been copied in the Social Sciences work book:
•History vocabulary
•What is a Constitution? (Copied from pg. 86)
•The structure of government.
•Children’s rights and responsibilities (copied from pg. 93 in table form)
•National symbols of South Africa (Coat of Arms)
•The National Flag of South Africa.
•Revision Summary (copied from pg 97)


The following have been copied in the Social Sciences work book:
Map interpretation on statistics of:
• Rainforests
• Hot deserts
• Coniferous forests


Parts of speech worksheet.  - Figures of speech worksheet.
Synonyms and antonyms.   - Prefix and suffix.
All Past, Present and Future tenses - Idioms worksheet.
Punctuation worksheet.
Format of a Friendly letter and dialogue.


Sinonieme   - Antonieme
Leestekens   - Verkleining
Verbindingswoorde  - Direkte en Indirekte Rede
Voor – en Agtervoegsels - Tydsvorme en hulpwerkwoorde
Meervoude   - Samestellings en Afleidings
Soorte Sinne   - Homofone ne Homonieme
Trappe van Vergelyking - Bywoorde
Letterlike ne Figuurlike betekenis
Selfstandige naamwoorde en Voornaamwoorde
Enkelvoudige Sinne en Veelvoudige Sinne

Natural Sciences and Technology

You will need the following when completing your NST test:
A blue or black pen.
A sharp, grey pencil.
An eraser
A ruler
The following have all been copied or pasted in NST work books.
All Word bank definitions.
Summary 3.1, Summary 3.2, Summary 3.3
Table 13.1 (Examples of good conductors and good insulators)
Technology Project: Design brief (Help Task 1) & tools and materials needed (Help Task 4)
All summaries that have been copied in work book (p. 201, 210, 230, 250)


All work done this year
Functions and Relationships. (Rule; T )
Measurement (m, km, g, kg, etc.)
Order of operations.
Viewing objects.



























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