Brebner Primary School

Magna est Veritas

Brebner Sports

A wide slection of sports is offered. Participation in sports offers the chance for students to enhance their physical and social skills.


Brebner Primary School create a positive cultural environment where students and teachers are respectful of different backgrounds.


Pre-school education is essential as it is the building block of your child’s elementary education. It helps the all-round development of your child.

Learning Institute

Brebner can be considered as an institution where learners strive to learn, to play, to receive and to give.
Learners are taught to accept authority and discipline through positive reinforcement which leads to self-discipline, independence and a feeling of self-worth and achievement.
Brebner Primary School is not only about acquiring knowledge but also about the manner in which this holistic and life-long education is nurtured.

Brebner depends on the loyalty of all its Brebnerian stakeholders. The Brebnerian family and its traditions build the ethos of this school and unites those who love it.

Magna est Veritas

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Brebner The Choice of Academics

The Brebnarian philosophy is to help each student achieve their potential. Through remedial help, guidance and close interaction with the parents we help students realize their academic potential within the student community.